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Izan hoteles


Izán Cavanna Hotel: DISCOUNT OFFER for stays from 3 nights

Get the following SPECIAL DISCOUNTS if you book minimun 3 night stays:

  • NON REFUNDABLE: From -10% for stays in Winter, Spring and Autumn and 1st CHILD FREE and 2nd CHILD -50%.

                                               Up to -25% for stays in Summer and 2 CHILDREN FREE !!.

  •  FREE CANCELLATION: -15% for stays in Summer and 1st CHILD FREE and 2nd CHILD -50%

   Limited Promotion



Hotel Izán Puerta de Gredos: FREE FIRST CHILD

For families with children and 2 night stays from 08/22/21 to 09/30/2021 get your FREE first child.


Hotel Izán Trujillo: -10% DISCOUNT

If you stay 2 nights you can get a 10% discount on your reservation from 22-26 / 08 and from 29 / 08-30 / 09/2021.


Izán Cavanna Hotel: Extra Extra Discount for Superior Rooms

Enjoy the Mar Menor from the terrace of your Superior Double Room if you book from 6 nights from 09/11 to 09/30 you can get an Extra Additional Discount of 10% + 1 FREE child + 1 FREE cot.


Hotel Izán Cavanna: Special Offers for People Over 55

Congratulations! If you are over 55 years old, the time has come to enjoy it to the fullest. To celebrate, we have the best prices from 7 nights in full board enjoying the peace of the Mar Menor and our entertainment programs during the day and night.
  • Non Refundable reservations: From -15% for Winter, Spring and Fall Stays till -30% for Summer Stays.
  • Free cancelation: From -5% for Winter, Spring and Fall Stays till -20% for Summer Stays.

Limited OFFER


Hotel Izán Puerta de Gredos: -25% DISCOUNT

If you stay 6 nights or more, from 08/22 to 09/30/2021, you can get a 25% discount on your reservation.


Hotel Izán Trujillo: People Over 55 PROMOTION

For young spirits who are 55 years old or more, this offer is specially designed so that you can enjoy our facilities and services with the best price/quality ratio in the unique setting of one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. We are offering you TWO NIGHTS of accommodation in one of our comfortable standard double rooms with a breakfast buffet. Make your reservation and enjoy this unforgettable experience!


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Hotel Izan Trujillo: Romantic Getaway

Surprise your partner and relax in one of our comfortable rooms for two nights in a charming hotel and we will give you a small welcome gift in the room. A delicious breakfast buffet is included, as well as late check-out until 2 p.m. (subject to availability). In reception, we will provide you with useful information to discover the beautiful corners of this medieval city.

Limited Promotion

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Hotel Izán Puerta de Gredos: FREE BYKE RENTAL

With your reservation of 3 nights from 08/22 to 09/30/21 we put our rental bikes at your disposal for FREE so that you can enjoy magnificent rides with special mountain bike routes and walk with trails of great and small route through the Northen Gredos mountain range.


Izan Puerta de Gredos Hotel: Free car park from Sunday to Thursday

Remember, for 3night stays from Sunday to Thursday we offer you FREE: Covered Parking!

In addition, you can have Tesla and electric vehicle chargers.

Get free parking if you book your room from Sunday to Thursday.

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