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This document is intended to establish and regulate the use and safeguarding of data from the site www. izanhoteles.es (hereinafter the Site), understood as all the pages and content owned by GRUPO IZÁN HOTELES. which is accessed through the www domain. izanhoteles.es and its subdomains. Through the Site, hereafter SL GRUPO IZÁN HOTELES. IZAN HOTELS intended to provide its customers with information services, room reservations, job searches, and any other service at the time deemed appropriate for the proper pursuit of its objects. Use of this site and the services it is made available to the user, implies full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the conditions contained in this Legal Notice (hereinafter the General Conditions), so the user should be aware of the importance of reading each time you visit the Site. By accessing the Website implies knowledge and acceptance of the following general conditions to which IZAN HOTELS encouraged to print or download them and read them carefully each time you access the Site.


The owner of this site is GRUPO IZÁN HOTELES. S.L. established in Madrid, C/ Trujillo 2, Local comercial nº 15-Edificio Giraldo I-Boadilla del Monte, 28660., 5 Duplicate registered in the Registry of Madrid in Volume 15,396, Folio 89, Page number M-269452, Inscription 1 ª and with CIF B82811571 (hereinafter GRUPO IZÁN HOTELES.)


By accepting these Terms you agree to use the Website and the services available therein, in the manner and form that he himself established. Users may not use this Site and its services for illicit purposes and / or contrary to the purposes set out in these Conditions, which may be detrimental to the rights and / or interests of others or in any way damage the Website or fail to work or services that it offers or offered in the future.


RISK. Is comprised in this Site page www.izanhoteles.es Access to this Site is the sole responsibility of the users. The risks arising from the use of the Site by the user shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility. Not be liable by IZAN HOTELS (I) the infallibility, availability, continuity, absence of defects or safety of the Site, (ii) the content of the Site or the information passing through it is free of viruses or other harmful elements such as errors, omissions or incorrect, (iii) the safe use that a user of the Site; IZAN HOTELS. not be liable for any damages that may arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of this electronic system caused by reasons beyond IZAN HOTELS delays or blockages in the use of this system caused by deficiencies or overloading of its Data Processing Centre, telephone lines, the Internet system or other electronic systems, nor for any damage caused to others by means of illegitimate intromission beyond the control of IZAN HOTELS . It also exempts IZAN HOTELS. responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by IZAN HOTELS provided from outside sources. Mere access to this Site does not imply any commercial relationship between IZAN HOTELS and the user.


The information in this Site is accurate at the date of last update. IZAN HOTELS reserves the right to update, modify or delete information on this site, and may limit or deny access. IZAN HOTELS reserves the right to make, at any time, changes and modifications deemed desirable, may exercise this right at any time without notice.


HOTELS IZAN makes every effort to avoid any error in the contents appearing on this Site. HOTELS IZAN not warrant or accept responsibility for any consequences arising from errors in the contents appearing on this Site by third parties. HOTELS IZAN no responsibility whatsoever for the contents, activities, products and services that can be accessed through electronic links (links) if any and when available, directly or indirectly through this Site. The presence of links on the site IZAN HOTELS, unless stated otherwise, is for informational purposes only and in no event suggest, invite or recommend them. These links do not represent any kind of relationship between IZAN HOTELS and the companies or owners of web sites that are accessible through these links. IZAN HOTELS reserves the right to unilaterally withdraw at any time and without notice link from its Website. IZAN HOTELS reserves the right to prevent or prohibit access to the Site to any Internet user to enter this site any content contrary to legal or moral rules, and reserves the right to take legal action it deems appropriate to prevent this type behaviors.


HOTELS IZAN makes every effort to ensure that browsing takes place under the best conditions and prevents damage of any kind that may arise during it. HOTELS IZAN not responsible for damages of any kind that may occur to users by using other browsers or different versions of the browsers for which designed the site. HOTELS IZAN no representation or warranty that access to this Site will be uninterrupted or error free. No responsibility or guarantee that the contents or software that can be accessed through this Site, is free from error or cause damage. In no event will IZAN HOTELS liable for losses or damages of any kind arising from access and use of the Site, including but not limited to damage to computer systems or damage caused by the introduction of viruses. HOTELS IZAN not responsible for any damage that may occur to users for misuse of this Site. In particular, is not responsible in any way for breakdowns, interruptions, faults or defects in telecommunications that may occur. The services offered on the Website may only be used correctly if they meet the technical specifications for which it was designed.


The cookies have a limited time and in any case automatically extracted personal information (name, phone number and email address) or your hard drive However, the user can configure their browser to not accept cookies or warn you that these are to be stored on your server.


HOTELS IZAN declares that unless otherwise indicated on the Site, text, images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, sound clips and other materials on the Site and any other intellectual creations and / or inventions or scientific and technical discoveries, whatever their commercial or industrial application (hereinafter collectively referred to as Content) have been created or invented by IZAN HOTELS or transferred, licensed, transmitted or authorized by the owners and / or assigns. The User agrees not to remove or alter any distinctive sign used on the Site, such as but not limited to, trademarks, trade names (graphics, logos, etc), the copyright and other data identifying the rights of IZAN HOTELS or other owners appearing on the Site. Owned by IZAN HOTELS shall own all rights to any works, inventions, discoveries, patents, ideas, concepts, updates and improvements related to the Site, its systems, applications and programs or services provided IZAN HOTELS, which are created , made, developed or implemented for the first time IZAN HOTELS, either alone or with help from users of the Site, during or as a result of a design, development or any other activity performed in accordance with the Contract. User may not use the name, trademarks, symbols, logos or logos owned by IZAN HOTELS without express written consent of the latter. Should any user or third party considers that any of the content on the Site is a violation of copyright or other rights of intellectual property protection, please notify us at the following address: IZAN HOTELS, Legal Department , C/ Trujillo 2, Local comercial nº 15-Edificio Giraldo I-Boadilla del Monte, 28660. or email central@izanhoteles.es


. The Terms of Use that are in this Agreement are governed by Spanish law. HOTELS IZAN both as users of the Site agree that any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation, compliance and / or implementation of these standards shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, thereby renouncing to any other jurisdiction that may apply.

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