Izan hoteles



Dear customers:
We are aware that in the face of the current health crisis, the main thing is to protect and preserve the health of all us in any movement outside our homes; That is why we would like to provide peace of mind to all our clients, informing them that we are working to apply all the necessary international and national official safety and hygiene measures and recommendations to turn our hotel establishment into a safe place with guarantees. Our reopening protocol covers:

  • The training of our staff that will have the necessary individual protection equipments.
  • Facility adaptation process and required logistics provision.
  • Implementation of signage, indicator signals on the floor and posters with the recommended safety measures.
  • Hydro alcoholic gel dispensers.
  • Compliance with social distancing regulations in common areas, being mandatory the use of a facial masks in the whole hotel.
  • Restoration with table-assisted service for Hotel Izán Trujillo and Puerta de Gredos.
  • Restoration with assisted Buffet at Hotel Izán Cavanna.
  • Substitution of stationery with digital information through Qr codes to avoid direct contact.
  • Maximum effort and increase in all cleaning and disinfection processes, insisting on the areas of greatest use and most traffic.

Recommendations to our clients:

  • To use contactless payment systems.
  • To use of personalized catering services for less physical contact.
  • To extreme the usual hygiene measures.
  • For greater protection: the cleaning of the room during the stay and the amenities will be optional.

All without a doubt, together with your collaboration, will help us offer you the best service while your well-being and health are being protected.

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